Natural Psoriasis Remedies: 5 Caveman Cures for Psoriasis!

If you want to make it easier to tidy up afterwards, just tie the oatmeal up into a cheesecloth to avoid any mess. This is a great remedy that’s perfect for when you want to scratch that itch but know you shouldn’t.


A bunch of licorice growing in the wild.

Those that hate the taste of licorice need not worry – it works through external application to the skin.

A few naturopaths have even made the remarkable discovery that it can work just as well as hydrocortisone cream in some psoriasis cases.

This is all due to a little compound called glycyrrhetenic acid, which has anti-inflammatory properties.

If you would like to try it, buy a small bottle of concentrated licorice tincture or extract and rub a few drops onto the affected areas using a cotton ball.

Mashed Avocado

Avocado is also not just for eating, because it can help psoriasis too!

Avocados, or Alligator Pears, are not just tasty fruit, they’re also great at relieving some symptoms of psoriasis!

Folk healers in areas of the world such as Peru, Chile and South Africa, have told people to rub mashed avocado on their psoriasis patches for centuries.

To try this natural remedy for psoriasis, it might be easier to just get some peel with a bit of pulp attached on the inside, and rub it on your patches. You can also try bananas, which are another natural remedy for psoriasis, and are used in a similar fashion.

Oregon Grapes

Oregon grapes are like chicken soup for the skin!

Not to be confused with normal red or green grapes, Oregon Grapes are actually not grapes at all, but they’re still a great natural remedy for psoriasis.

Oregon Grape is a type of evergreen bush which has berries that look like grapes but taste more like cranberries.

The plant contains a high concentration of berberine within its roots and bark, which has been found to have many anti-psoriatic properties. Try searching for creams made from Oregon Grape.

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