Leaky Gut and Psoriasis: It Starts In The Gut

Leaky Gut and Psoriasis: Why It Inflames Your Skin

This bloke's psoriasis could be caused by that leaking gut tap in his stomach!Leaky Gut and psoriasis spells trouble. When the gut wall is letting through toxins, disease-causing bacteria and other infectious molecules, the body’s immune system is sent into overdrive.

It begins mass-producing antibodies like an arms factory, sending them in to locate and destroy the foreign matter that’s just invaded through the gut wall. This can lead to food allergies, with every mouthful setting off an immune chain-reaction, causing a flare-up in psoriasis. ! Not only that, but leaky gut also causes the immune system to activate the body’s T-cells, which are responsible for increased rates of skin reproduction (i.e. your skin flakes!)

Another connection between leaky gut and psoriasis is that it overloads the body’s normal channels of detoxification. The skin is one of several venues for excreting bodily toxins, impurities, and poisons. As toxic levels in the body build-up, the liver, bowels and kidneys can only do so much before they are forced to discharge the pollutants through other channels. The biggest organ of the human body is the skin, and when the rest of the body is overloaded, it jumps to the rescue by removing toxic waste through the sweat glands! When they are expelled through your skin, your immune system begins to target them, causing psoriasis.

One major proponent of the the connection between leaky gut and psoriasis is Dr. John Pagano, who has published several hit books on the subject. Like the theory outlined above, he adamantly believes that psoriasis is a defense mechanism of the body to throw out the poisons and toxins that would cause irreparable damage if they were not drained out through the body’s last-resort – the skin!

If you gut stops leaking and you manage to bring intestinal permeability down to normal ranges,  many people believe your psoriasis will also dry up and disappear. Look out for other articles on PlaquePlucker to find out how to treat leaky gut and psoriasis!

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