My Boyfriend Has Psoriasis – How Can I Help?

2) Test the Waters if Your Boyfriend Has Psoriasis

Some men are very open about their psoriasis, whilst others would rather avoid the topic at all costs. If your partner is in the latter group, tread lightly, you don’t want to awaken the caveman and hurt his male ego! You can show interest but don’t constantly bring it up and turn it into an issue – wait until he is comfortable enough to talk about it or the context fits.

For example, wait until he’s rubbing in moisturiser to ask him about his psoriasis flare-up; his defences will be down and he might open up a little. As the relationship progresses, chances are he will be more relaxed about it.

3) Be Tactful and Helpful

Tact is important too – try not to yelp out if his skin is a little rough when you’re hugging or rolling around on the bed, or complain if his special tar shampoo STINKS! Instead, show your support by looking for a great moisturiser to help keep his skin nice and smooth (hint: nothing too floral!), accompany him to the dermatologist, or offer to wash his hair even though your hands might smell like concrete afterwards.

If he has psoriasis on his hands, and it’s going through an extra rough patch, offer to wash the dishes when it’s his turn or do his half of bathroom scrubbing. He might not be telling you that washing-up liquid and bleach shred his skin, but he sure will appreciate it when you help out. All of this shows him that you want to help!

In the event that your boyfriend has psoriasis “down there” – keep in mind that psoriasis is not transmitted or passed on through sex or anything else. Using condoms and extra lubricant will make everything feel a lot better, too. As a last resort, you can use hydrocortisone on his noodly appendage to make it feel better if you’re planning a romantic weekend or something  else  and have a few days warning ;-)

If your boyfriend has psoriasis, and you truly care about him, it won’t get in the way of a great relationship. It’s all about giving your unconditional love and support!

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